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Libri stranieri (alcune segnalazioni)

Libri pubblicati dal 1995

Cavallo Sandra and Lyndan Warner (edited by ), Widowhood in medieval and early modern Europe, London; New York, 1999.

Daly Mary, Quintessence...Realizing the Archaic Future
A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto
Beacon Press, 1998
recensione di Elizabeth Millard (vai a traduzione)

Emma Donoghue, The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, Harcourt Brace
254 pages, 2002

Margaret Drabble, The Peppered Moth , 2001, Viking
British First Edition, Published in the U.S., by Harcourt Brace in 2001

Mary Fullbrook, Historical Theory, Routledge, London, 2002

Margo Glantz, La Malinche, sus padres y sus jijos curato da una storica, Taurus, Città del Messico, 2002

Gisela Heidenreich, Das endlose Jahr, Scherz Verlag, Bern, Munchen, Wien, 2002

Anna Lanyon, La Conquista de la Malinche, Diana, Città del Messico, 2002

Lerner Gerda, Why History Matters: Life and Thought
Paperback Reprint edition 1998
Oxford Univ. Pr.

Lerner Gerda,The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-Seventy university, (1988) Oxford University Pr. revised 1999.
(Lerner Gerda, The Creation of Patriarchy, Oxford University Pr. 1987)

Marotti Maria Ornella, Brooke Gabriella (a cura di), Gendering Italian Fiction : Feminist Revisions of Italian History, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press, 1999

Elisabeth Roudinesco, La famille en désordre, Fayard 2002

Scott Wallach Joan, Gender and the Politics of history, New York, Columbia

Scott Wallach Joan, Only paradoxes to offer: French feminist and the Rights of men, Harvard, University Press, 1996.

Scott J.W. (edited by) , Feminism and  History ( A volume in the oxford series, Readings in Feminism) Oxford University Press,1996.

Transitions, Environments, Translations: feminisms in International Politics ( edited with Cora Kaplan and Debra Keates). Routledge, 1997.

Smith Bonnie G., The Gender of History: Men, Women, and Historical Practice, 2000.

The following is a list of selected books written by scholars who have used the Schlesinger Library's collections. For full bibliographic information and location please refer to the HOLLIS catalog record.

Deslippe, Dennis A. "Rights, Not Roses": Unions and the Rise of Working-class Feminism, 1945-80. University of Illinois Press, 2000.

Faderman, Lillian. To Believe in Women; What Lesbians Have Done for America - A History. Houghton Mifflin, 1999.

Kennedy, Kathleen. Disloyal Mothers and Scurrilous Citizens: Women and Subversion during World War I. Indiana University Press, 1999.

Marks, Carole and Diana Edkins. The Power of Pride: Stylemakers and Rulebreakers of the Harlem Renaissance. Crown Publishers, 1999.

McCabe, Maryann. Gender and Socio-Musical Process: Mabel Wheeler Daniels (1877-1971) and the Institutionalization of American Compositional Style. (Ph.D. dissertation, New York University, 1999)

Michel, Sonya. Children's Interests/Mothers' Rights; The Shaping of America's Child Care Policy. Yale University Press, 1999.

More, Ellen S. Restoring the Balance: Women Physicians and the Profession of Medicine, 1850-1995. Harvard University Press, 1999.

Rosenzweig, Linda W. Another Self: Middle-class American Women and Their Friends in the Twentieth Century. New York University Press, 1999.

Zeiger, Susan. In Uncle Sam's Service: Women Workers with the American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919. Ithaca: Cornell University Press